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Welcome to DNAFit Life Sciences Limited (DNAFit).

This Consent Document gives you control of your journey with us by providing you with the key information that you will need in making decisions about utilising our service.

Please read this document carefully and email if you have any queries.



  1. Fitness + Training Plan will reveal your training intensity response, aerobic trainability and recovery capacity. Your training plan will then incorporate your unique training intensity response, your availability, and your access to a gym, to adapt your sessions to approach that matches your genotype and lifestyle.
  2. Helix takes care of the DNA sample analysis, once complete DNAFit request the genetic variants we need to create our product. We then do the interpretation on those variants to create your Fitness report and training plan.
  3. Your Fitness results and training plan will be available within 24h of the completion of the Helix analysis.

It is not our intention to provide you with specific medical advice but rather provide you with the information to better understand the health risks and benefits associated with your genotype. The information supplied to you does not confirm or replace any medical diagnosis or status conferred by a health care professional. The information provided to you is not a genetic diagnosis of disease, nor does it identify any existing medical condition.

Furthermore, DNAFit do not provide any information about your ancestry.

If you have any specific concerns related to health status, genetic testing or lifestyle modifications in relation to your own personal health then please consult with a qualified physician, doctor or genetic counsellor.

The information provided to you is neither comprehensive or absolute and may not be applicable to individual circumstances should the information be subsequently deemed inaccurate or out of date following scientific advances.


The purpose of the DNAFit service is to give you the power to use your genetic information to explore personalised solutions to reach your fitness and nutritional goals. We aim to give you further understanding of your own macro and micronutrient needs, your response to power or endurance exercise and recovery.

Genetics is only one part of the picture and so the value comes from understanding your genetic profile so that you can make sustainable changes in conjunction with your own goals, lifestyle and environment to unlock your potential, whether it be for sports performance or general wellbeing.


Genetically there are the differences we all see, such as eye and hair colour, but there are also the differences that we don’t see, how we metabolise nutrients for example, the way we deal with toxins, how well we react to different types of exercise. We all interact with the environment in our own unique way and it is in the combination of the differences that define our individuality.

DNAFit uses data related to your genotype (e.g. A, T, C, G at different genetic markers), generated through the analysis of your saliva sample. We focus our work specifically on two realms of genetic science, Exercise Genomics and Nutrigenomics with the aim of giving you the insight to help you train, eat and feel your best.

We only use researched genes for analysis using published literature from many hundreds of scientific studies for candidate data. When selecting genes to use in our testing, we consider relevance to our services, good sample sizes, source reputability and evidence of gene x environment interaction.

For more detailed information on the genes we test for and the studies behind the science please visit


DNAFit being a registered organisation in the United Kingdom will take reasonable measures to keep your information safe in accordance with the principles under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as a minimum standard. We expect our contracted third party processors to meet the same level of protection and where we interact with users, partners and service providers in other territories, we will observe other global data protection requirements provided we continue to meet our obligations under GDPR.

Your information will only be shared with third parties contracted to undertake necessary processing on behalf of DNAFit and may take place in or outside the EU. Our third parties regardless of territory will be contractually committed to comply with our policies and data protection obligations. We will maintain control of data shared with our third party service providers and will not permit them to further use your information for any other purpose than as instructed by us.

We will ask you to give us personal information as detailed in the Privacy Policy for account registration, user verification and service delivery. We rely on the accuracy of information and while we do our best to ensure the information we hold is up to date, we ask that you contact us if any of your information changes.

Your personal and genetic information will be stored on our secure database all the time your account remains active or until such a time that we decide it is no longer required. You may request for us to close your account at any time and request for your data to be deleted.

Accounts will be closed within 30 days upon request. All Genetic Information will be deleted from your account and the DNAFit database and Data Processors except data relating to order history for accounting purposes and information required to meet legal or regulatory obligations. You may request details on the data that we must retain.

All Data Processors will be instructed to delete any information stored unless subject to the above exceptions and your genetic information will not be used in any new R&D after your account is closed.

Your information will not be used for any other purpose than as described in this Consent Document, or shared without further consent being obtained by you unless required by law enforcement or regulators.


We will use the information you give to us in product ‘R&D’ (Research and Development) to enhance the DNAFit services, the quality of the products and the customer journey. Information for this purpose will be used only within DNAFit and will be de-identified. Our analytics for this will include but not be limited to web behaviour, product acquisition, user demographics, campaign results and complaints. This is voluntary and DNAFit appreciates your participation to help us continuously improve.

DNAFit practices, processes and procedures are closely monitored to ensure the organisation operates and complies with the principles of our policies and seeks to remediate any known risks and improve quality control within the organisation.

From time to time, an audit may take place internally or by a reputable and contracted third party to independently observe and assess DNAFit and report findings for attention. During these reviews, personal, genetic or self-reported information held may need to be made available where appropriate and in context of the audit.

As a user of DNAFit, you must let us use your information for quality assurance and auditing if required.


  • Limitations of genetic information - Genetic information is subject to significant limitations and you rely on information provided by DNAFit, DNAFit’s employees, and others appearing on our website at your own risk.

    We measure many points of information in your DNA, but only a small percentage of them relate to human traits. Additionally, many ethnic groups differ or are not included at all in many genetic studies. Similarly, some scientific studies may be based solely on research of one gender. As our services interpret your genetic information based on scientific published studies, some of the interpretations that we provide may not apply to you.

    Genetic information provides limited insight into your health and fitness. It is only one aspect of your entire health and fitness outlook and should not be assumed to be conclusive.

    In some cases, your Genetic Information may provide knowledge and information that is not positive.

    If your data tells you that you do not have an elevated risk for a particular condition, you should not assume that you are entirely protected from this condition. The opposite can be true as well. If your genetic data tells you that you are at higher risk for a particular condition, it does not mean that you will develop this condition. If you have concerns or questions regarding any of this, you should contact a health care professional.

    The Genetic information that you share with other people can be used against your best interests. Your Genetic information may have limited meaning today, but this information may well have a greater meaning in the future. Note for residents of USA – Under the US law Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act of 2008 (GINA), you do not need to share your genetic information with your employer or your health insurer. Even so, you may be asked to share your genetic information with other insurers e.g. life, long-term care and disability insurance firms. In any case, regardless of country of residence, you should be always be careful with whom you choose to share your genetic information with.

    DNAFit does not guarantee the effectiveness of any specific course of action, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on our website and you should not alter your health behaviours solely based on the information provided to you by DNAFit. Make sure you discuss your Genetic Information with a physician or health care provider before you act upon the data provided by DNAFit Services.
  • Information Security - When you send data over the internet, it is not always 100% secure and so there is a risk of a security event. In such event someone could access any information we have from you. This could include personal and genetic information. DNAFit will work to prevent such events but it is also your responsibility to take necessary security precautions when preparing to share information.

    You are equally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your own information by taking preventative measures such as keeping your login credentials private, using secure networks and being cautious when sharing your information. You are responsible for all activities that happen under your password and account.


When entering into agreement with DNAFit to utilise any of the services at any level, you consent to the following statements:

  1. You confirm that you are over 18 years of age.
  2. To use any of the products as described, you must let Helix share portions of your genetic information with DNAFit. Helix will only share the portions that we need to give you insights through the package as selected by you.
  3. You allow DNAFit to retain your data as part of our secure research database to enable us or contracted third party researchers to undertake R&D projects in an effort to improve and expand services. If any commercial product is developed as a result of the use of your data, you understand there will be no financial benefit to you.
  4. You may opt out of participation in R&D, by emailing
  5. From time to time we may wish to send you details about new services available to you, discounts, event invitation and referral schemes. We may also direct advertising to you via third party sites including social media. Marketing and advertising may be originated from user registration, point of sale or from observation of web behaviour. You may opt out of direct marketing and advertising by emailing
  6. Before consenting to DNAFit, you may wish to talk to a genetic counsellor to help you decide if the product is right for you. They can also help you understand your results. You may also wish to speak with a health care professional about your results.
  7. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.
  8. You agree to: (a) immediately notify DNAFit of any use of your password or account that has not been authorized; and (b) exit from your account after each session.
  9. During inbound and outbound contact, verification procedures will be followed to ensure we are speaking with the right person.
  10. You may send any queries, feedback or complaints to
  11. You have read, understood and agree to this informed Consent Document, the DNAFit Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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